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why sleep when there's google

I read " ... weekly bombings have been occuring in jerusalem for way longer than the last couple years. The news just decides to report on that stuff now because of the 'campaign to market terrorism news'." and was curious about the scale of recent violence in Israel; so I did some quick research. Some of what I found (mostly for my own reference):

the entry for terrorism against israel in the wikipedia links to these stats from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to to victims of fatal terrorist attacks :
  • Declaration of Principles // September 1993 - September 2000 // 256
  • 2nd Intifada // Sept 2000 - present // 593+

    The Palestinian Liberation Organizationhomepage doesn't have similar statistics.

    An article I read last year, Gaza Diary: Scenes from the Palestinian Uprsising in Harper's Magazine.
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    A friend of mine went to Israel with Birthright, and then to Palestine to do activism work. She's been there about a month (oh, she's not Jewish, btw). Here is an excerpt from her latest email:

    So I'm still in Palestine but I'm probably going back to Jerusalem
    tomorrow which I guess doesn't sound that much safer to ya'll than this
    little town Qalqilya, but I'll feel better. At least I've never seen a
    tank in Jerusalem. Yesterday was a really grizzley day with blood and
    guns and confusion. I can't say I really know what I'm doing here. None
    of the Palestinians seem to want me to do anything but take their
    picture and come back to America and "tell everyone the truth about
    Israel." So I can come back and talk about senseless killing (like lots
    of stupid "accidents"), about babyface IDF kids that look like a bunch
    of NYU students who don't really seem to know what they're doing
    either, about people crying or even stranger when they don't cry. I can
    talk about the massive amounts of tea and coffee forced on me at all
    times. But I still don't have a good handle on why any of this is goin
    on or how we can move beyond the tremendous disinformation on both

    Everywhere I go kids yell "Shalom" at me. We yell back "salam"
    or "hello."

    I get back to NY the morning of the 31st.
    In Jerusalem I hope to eat vegan food and visit my sweet Lobavitch
    (sp?) zionist friend I made on the birthright trip.
    nothing is simple despite the Palestinians who keep saying "we are
    simple people." Could that be the problem? Are people simplifying too

    I don't know.
    thanks for sharing that letter. I guess I was just a little annoyed at the idea that "things have always been bad, so we should just ignore it. give me some happy news instead"1 Also, I was interested in finding out if there were objective measures of the complicated bad situation. Of course, this is pretty foolish too.

    (1) which probably wasn't even the point of his post.