josh (joshc) wrote,


I woke up too early, and went back to sleep. I think that's a bad habit that I'm acquiring. I should just suck it up and deal with waking up at the break of dawn.
Anyway, I worked on the content of my thesis at home until I was motivated by hunger to go downtown to work. The power of the El Rey burrito ...

I had to go there to do all the formatting details, since a version of EndNote for Office X has yet to be released. Somehow going through all of the grad school style rules put me in the mood to be done with the first draft. I know there will be a thousand things that need to be done on the next draft, so I just decided to be done with my tinkering for a couple weeks.

Later, I went to Rachel & Niki's for unstructured hanging out. You can tell something about a group of friends when it's necessary to schedule unstructured hanging out time. Really, we aren't that compulsive. It was just a non-trivia Tuesday.

I decided not to go on the three-day backpacking excursion. I think it would be fun, but just not this weekend. I really don't have time to get all of the gear and to prepare for the extreme wilderness expedition.
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