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Huh. This is a weird welcome back to my annual visit of the old Livejournal friendship page. It reminds me of how, at the time, I thought it was weird and funny when the Russians bought it from whoever bought it from brad, but only stopped to think about how creepy and nefarious it was when I listened to episode #100 of Reply-All this summer.

I just recall the vague explanation of "it's popular there" and shrugging because who cared who owned our dumb emo diaries anyway since we were all in the process of documenting our lunches on brand-new Twitter or posting gratuitious Wednesday photos of ourselves on Tumblr. But even knowing how nefarious the acquisition was, the shrug continues and I still don't understand how to look at more than a handful of entries on the Friends feed.
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The aftermath of the election makes it seem like we're all in for a very serious emo time, better suited to journaling than yelling on Facebook, yet I can barely figure out how to use the "new" livejournal or read the friends feed/page/whatever it is now.

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Elsewhere(s) buster asked about people's oldest living social network. I'm pretty sure that it's you, LiveJournal. That lifetime membership has sure paid off! Perhaps the best deal next to getting grandfathered into AT&T's original iPhone unlimited data plan.

My newest social network is 'ello, which probably won't last a month. But I signed up just to maintain my goofy username branding across as many networks as possible. It drives me insane that I have to be josh_c on instamatic.


Oh hey, livejournal? I've never really stopped looking at this thing, but tonight I finally realized that I'd somehow been logged out for some unspecified amount of time and had missed out on all of the secret stories. Aside from not being able to remember how to scroll beyond the first page of the friends page, I also learned that the main page -- now looking much tidier than when the Russians first took over -- includes important news items like dating advice from the Catfish guy and that Starbucks will be making handcrafted sodas called Fizzios. A thing like that / carry on.
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This weekend we witnessed multiple kinds of trebuchets used to hurl multiple pumpkins hundreds and hundreds of yards across some sort of field in the general vicinity of Everett. These were far more impressive (via olde timeyness) than the excessively powerful air cannon with a similar range that participated in the "watching pumpkins fly and die" portion of the Snohomish Festival of Pumpkins on Alexander Farm. Later, in preparation for semi-actual jousting, the field was gleaned of gourd scraps by children. Other features included LARPers selling their wares, butter-dipped corn, kids battling in a melee. The whole medieval times affair, which lasted less than two hours, was narrated by a viking with a wedding-planner/Madonna-style headset.

Sunday activities also included a sunny brunch on the new roofdeck at Terra Plata, a Michelada at Poquitos (among the best uses of fifty cents), and riding my usually decorative bicycle to an astroturf garden party.

Somewhere between Paris and Portland and the changing seasons, I picked up (and have been recovering from) some sort of allergy-related respiratory exhaustion plague (possibly related to the creepy haze that's been blanketing Seattle for days); so, aside from some coffeshop working and downtown shopping, the rest of the weekend was quiet (at one point, a basic cable marathon of the Damon-era Bourne movies became very appealing).

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october 2011, listed

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I think I was out of Seattle more than I was in it during October and when I was here I was either touristing my parents or sleeping off the cold that my canadian cold caught on a flight to Los Angeles. All Tomorrow's Parties (I'll Be Your Mirror) was an excessively pleasant non-crowded music festival for grown ups that made me want to go to the resorty english one even more; I had a couple extra days in New York for the 99% and amazing upscale mexican dinner with friends; I took my parents to the magical island of deer; spent a week in Canada grateful that I ditched the conference hotels for a similarly priced but excessively more pleasant boutique in the Old City; saw some good shows (including a Ryan Adams laugh riot) at an in-city music festival; and ended the month at a conference in LA where I got to hang out with my cousin, experience warm weather, standstill highway traffic, race through a museum of lies, and see Kings of Convenience (omg); and completely skipped Halloween.

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